1349 - Hellfire (Candlelight) - Back
The black clouds of Golgotha rise above the Earth’s surface once more, and with them comes "Hellfire". After wielding hordes of demonic fans the world over with their two previous releases, 1349 now bring us chapter three. Prevailing with a mix of old-school Norwegian black metal and classic Tampa-based brutality, the verdict now rests in the hands of none. 1349 are now among the elite! Herein lies 8 hymns under a curse of 52 minutes in the continuum of Norway's blackest. The frantic pace of guitar tones have not lessened, but the drum tempos have become more progressive as with longer exerts like "From the Deeps", "Hellfire" and "To Rottendom". This certainly is not to say the band has become vulnerable from their raw style, but 1349 can now boast of enthralling and crushingly heavier riffs similar to Morbid Angel and Behemoth. Among other things, the band remains without means to keyboards. A trait that is nearly unheard of in the black metal underworld anymore ('cept for some few cvlt/pagan bands). Frost & co. are now the very ungod they had hoped to unleash! With the reign of Hellfire spreading it's wings through years or aeons to come, one can only prepare for the ultimate otherworldly experience.....

Rating: 93

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell