40 Below Summer - The Last Dance (Crash Music) - Back
A few events have taken place for 40 Below Summer lately, even though the band isn’t really back together. I’ve read they reunited to do a few shows to help promote their new disc. Out on Halloween, and released by Crash Music, “The Last Dance” is the last recording for 40 Below Summer. As with their previous tunes, this album has a good beat to it for the most part. Attention grabbing abrasive riffs mixed with melodic, somewhat tranquil, parts. Putting a label on music with traits as 40 Below Summer doesn’t always work out. They themselves claim they aren’t nu-metal, but in my opinion they share some elements as in the screaming vocal style, that is also akin to hardcore or more so emocore; mellow singing vocals and pissed off screaming vocals. But one thing they really have in their music is a heavy-rock attitude much like Sevendust, Deftones, Incubus, Juice, Will Haven, and Glassjaw. I found myself favoring the heavier parts, but the stuff that was less intense I didn’t get into much. I wouldn’t miss some of the mellow parts, in example, parts of the tracks “Tell Me Now” and “Relapse” just got to me after awhile. Not enough energy for my taste but something you would hear on a modern rock radio station. Also this comes with a 90-minute bonus DVD of the band’s last sold out show at Starland Ballroom in New Jersey. Can’t complain about that. Fans of 40 Below Summer take note…this is possibly their last release! This album is a must for any fan so you will want to at least check this album out. However, as Joey said “a new album sometime next year followed by a short tour” is up in the air. So who knows, it’s not definite, but at least they didn’t rule it out.


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins