Abattoir - Demo July 2000 (Independent) - Back
Abattoir first came on the metal scene back in the early eighties when they appeared on Metal Massacre. After that the band put out two albums, the last which came out in 1987. According the Abattoir's website, the three song demo that they release in July of 2000, is the first music to come from these guys in a while. These three songs are pretty good too. They have a feeling of Slayer or Strapping Young Lad. The good and heavy thrash or speed metal. The CD last for twelve minutes, and might remind you of the eighties style metal, back in the day. All of the songs are decent, but the song "Off" I like the most. There are some good catchy riffs in the song. "Sheep" is another strong song by the band. "Reborn" the other song, is pretty good as well. If this is what the band is doing theses days I'd like to see a full album by these guys. Im sure it will refresh us where a lot of our metal comes from. Good comeback guys, keep up the good work!

Rating: 77