Abed - The Coming Of Soon (Independent) - Back
Well, let me start of by saying, I like this band! It’s intelligent metal music. Call it progressive, metallic jazz or groove driven free jazz metal, if you want. But, if you don’t feel smarter after listening to “The Coming Of Soon” it’s your own fault. Abed have produced four tunes on this EP that last twenty minutes in length. You will think of many great metal acts as you listen to this disc…the genius of Candiria, uniqueness of Cynic, contrast of Dillinger Escape Plan, melodies of Dream Theater, technicality of Death, cadence of Aghora, and experimentation of Estradasphere. How’s that sound? Pretty damn good! Engaging leads will captivate you and the solos polish everything off. A stuttering, galloping guitar technique is used a few times, almost like a signature riff style. The bass sounds the way Cynic produced it on their album “Focus.” I think I may have even heard a few slide-harmonics. Drums work nicely within the dynamics of Abed. Multiple vocal styles help add to the variation and show what else this band is able to accomplish. Melodic singing vocals, deep death vocals, and screaming death vocals are all used well and not overbearingly. Added to the talent of Abed on the first track are a few string instruments, another nice variant. I haven’t been enthused like this by a band in a while! Abed would fit in nicely amongst the ever-growing The End Records roster. You’ve done a fine job gentleman!


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins