Abigail Williams - Legend (Candlelight Records) - Back
One might find the combination of Swedish death (Gothenburg), hardcore, and the extreme darkness of black metal to be a little awkward. That may be so, but it also is quite unique. Abigail Williams does just that on their 5-song EP “Legend”. Some parts are quite impressive, especially with their intensity. Picture a band like Arch Enemy or In Flames with a few hardcore elements and mix it with a Dimmu Borgir’s and Cradle of Filth’s atmosphere and their extreme characteristics. This makes this music dynamic, but also perplexing to fans of black and death metal art. I understand the intention to be different and interesting, which is well accomplished, but mixing hardcore and black metal at times is gonna be hard for certain metal fans to swallow. Mainly “Legend” is death and black oriented and solid as well. Even so, I would still like to see even less of a focus on the hardcore parts. They aren’t unpleasant, just challenging to listen to because of the disparity. Drums vary from simple patterns to breakneck blast beats. Vocals are mostly black metal shrieks. Death growls and even clean chorus vocals are also used. The keyboards add atmosphere at appropriate parts. Shredding and melodic guitars keep up with the tempo and contrast well, and as a whole Abigail Williams works nicely together with their hybrid of sounds. If you have broad metal interests or like to adventure to something a little different than the norm, then Abigail Williams’ “Legend” may be just for you.


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins