Ab Infinitum - Contorted (Independent) - Back
It has only got my attention recently, but there are quite a few death metal bands in the underground that haven't been signed, that really should be. A good example of this is Ab Infinitum. This 5 piece band from Chicago, has definitely got death metal under control. It seems that they have influences from such bands as Death, Sadus, and Vader. Three classic metal bands, and the elite. Ab Infinitum has chosen a style of death metal that is in the style of the fathers of death. My favorite tracks on this CD are "Sixth Extinction," "Forever Betrayed, " "Untitled - Track Six," and "Contorted," the title track. "Forever Betrayed" is a great song, catchy riffing, it's just great music. "Track six" is probably my favorite track, the song has just some great riffs. Its starts with a little acoustic for the first forty seconds, and then you get right into the song. Very catchy stuff. The rest of the tracks are good as well, a very well rounded album. "Contorted," the title track is a perfect way to end a death metal album. Start off with the classic death metal riffing, and end it with a slower death metal closing, it's just great. There are seven songs on this CD and over twenty-two minutes of music, that will kick you in the face, and tear your guts out. I recommend people to visit there website at http://infinitum.home.att.net/. You won't regret it, you can even download some of their songs to listen to. Job well done!

Rating: 83