Abscess - Tormented (Deathvomit Records) - Back
Chaos, is the very first thing that comes to mind when you think about the band Abcess. Their album "Tormented" definitely fits this description. From beginning to the end the whole CD is basically filled with chaotic metal. But the kind of metal is anywhere from death to grindcore, and it is certainly fast! But that is basically the better parts about this album. When I listened to this album, I noticed how raw the music was. Sometimes this can be good, but personally I think it hurt this album. Also the length of some of their songs were only one minute long, and with this chaotic way of constructing their songs, it didn't leave much to get into their songs. I think the way that they constructed their songs, kind of a Gutted meets Benumb or Kataklysm, sounds pretty cool, but it just doesn't seem like they tried to write an album. Its like they jammed for a while, and decided to put theses thirteen songs on this CD. The album doesn't quite reach thirty-four minutes, and with the last song lasting seven minutes, you can see the whole album is composed of short blurbs. I did however manage to find a song that I liked quite a bit, it's the third track, and title track, "Tormented." Other songs that I thought were decent include "Rusted Blood." "Scratching At The Coffin," and "Wormwind." If you like the chaotic metal, then check this out, otherwise, you might want to stay away from this CD.

Rating: 57