Abscess - Damned and Mummified (Red Stream) - Back
There are a number of sick, twisted individuals in this world of ours. Abscess comprise of four of those individuals (Chris Reifert, Clint Bower, Danny Corrales, Joe Allen). "Damned and Mummified" is the bands' 5th full-length with a running time of around 45 minutes. This release continues the legacy set forth from the ashes of Autopsy. The music is extremely death metal with hints of gore, sludge, grind, and doom metal. Which brings me to my next point. Is stoner death a sub-genre yet? These guys hit it very close regardless of their utterly obscure and insanely gore-dripping lyrics. A great example of this would be the track, "Caverns of Hades". Very gore-thirsty words, stoner/doom-style riffing, and crushingly heavy bass & percussion precision. The weirdest track on this album, though, has to be "Empty Horizon". There is no doubt that Abscess create some of the most obscurely original templates in the underground metal scene. Whence.... the members' experience and past projects. A worthy competitor for those into bands like Autopsy, Necrophagia, Incantation, and Deceased. With a certain unique blend that can only be described as "Abscess"...

Rating: 80

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell