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The Bay Area of California is the birthplace of Absent Society. This self-titled five song EP was recorded at The Plant. If that sound familiar, Metallica recorded the Black Album, Load and Reload in the same room. Production is simply excellent. I wouldn’t touch a thing. Musically their influence include the Dillinger Escape Plan, Mudvayne, Slayer, System Of A Down, Pantera all help shape the sound of the band. Tons of heavy catchy riffs blast their way all over this CD. Certain parts remind me a lot of the band Juice, which included the brother of Jonathan Davis of Korn. Overall, I would say they sound like Soulfly/Pantera crossed with Deftones/System Of A Down and then crossed with the Dillinger Escape Plan and Candiria. They work through the different styles well and incorporate separate elements to create their own. One thing musically they could do is keep the heavy riffs coming. I’d much rather pummel my ears with the heavier parts than wait for the build-ups. You don’t normally have harmonies in music like this but the melodic parts are nice. “Wasted Lives,” “Deception Plague,” and “Once A Soldier” all show the capability of this band. Hopefully they will push forward and not waste what they have created.

Rating: 84