Abysmal Fall - Borne Against (Independent) - Back
Abysmal Fall comes back with their second release called "Borne Against." This is a very much improved effort from their first CD. Its produced a lot better and the material is written much better. If you are into extreme metal then these guys are the band for you. They are a black/death metal cross, and extreme to every extent. Every song on here is good. The track listing consists of 6 songs, 4 of their own and 2 covers: Homicidal Breath (originally by Sacrifice) and Bouree (originally by J.S. Bach). They are exceptional covers, and they show some of the roots they come from. With a music background that these guys have and the talent they put forth their music can only get better. My favorite songs on this album are tracks one and four "Save Your Savior" and "Ravenous," respectively. They just get stuck in your head making you want to listen to them again. Also, look for these guys to get signed to a label soon, its something that they definitely deserve. Hailing from East Rochester, NY their 6 song CD last nearly 21 minutes. Whatever genre that you classify Abysmal Fall, wether its Black Metal, Death Metal or a cross, you have to say they are extreme enough to put energy in the dead to make them slaughter the living.

Rating: 88