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Adagio is a progressive melodic metal band from France. Among the bands of that genre, Adagio can definitely keep up, if not surpass the majority of them. Picture Dream Theater with more of an edge, like a Nevermore edge, with a touch of Stratovarius, that is what this band is to me. Their music seems to be well thought out and orchestrated, production on this disk is another key factor. With nearly an hour of music, and over ten tracks on "Sanctus Ignis," this disk is surely to impress, entertain, and make people get up and mosh. There isn't a bad song on the disk, and my favorite songs include "Second Site,""In Nomine...," the title track "Sanctus Ignis," and my favorite track "Panem Et Circences." Those are just a few of my favorite tracks, remember all of them are good. I was truly impressed with the talent that this band possesses, and their ability to write songs of this magnitude. I would be up for seeing this band live at any time, I'm sure it would be worth it!

Rating: 95