Adema - Adema (Arista) - Back
Adema kinda already has a name for themselves. The lead singer, Mark "Marky" Chavez is the younger brother of Korn's singer Jonathan Davis. Kris Kohls was in Videodrone, an album produced by Korn's Fieldy Arvizu on Elementree. Bassist Dave DeRoo and Guitarist Tim Fluckey were in Juice, a band that grew out of SexArt, which Jonathan Davis was in with Ryan Shuck of Orgy. So with all those names thrown at you, hopefully you have a grasp on what Adema sounds like; similar to Korn, with a little less edge and more of an industrial influence. They might not be purely metal, but they are definitely hard rock. To top that all off they were co-produced by Tobias "Tobi" Miller, guitarist of the Wallflowers. There are a total of twelve tracks on this self-titled disk, all of which I enjoyed. They seem to have songs that have a well written and produced feeling, very well layered. Among the forty-five minutes of music, my favorite tracks include "Everyone," "Giving-In," "The Way You Like It," Do What You Want To Do," and my favorite track "Drowning." For you fans of Nu Metal, this is definitely something for you. Anyone that listens to modern rock radio might want to check this out as well.

Rating: 89