Adversary - Demo (Independent) - Back
In a day with many metalcore bands getting together and putting out music, sooner or later they all start to sound alike. Adversary is not one of those generic bands. These guys are more unique than most bands today that use Swedish death influences; Swedish death/thrash via Gothenburg to be exact. You can hear The Haunted, Entombed, Carcass, In Flames, old Shadows Fall, maybe a tad of Brand New Sin too, but its more melodic death metal oriented than anything. The pacing is anywhere from mid to fast paced, depending on the speedy or groove-heavy riffs. Adversary has many riff styles that they do well including those groove-driven riffs, lively death riffage, and technical riffs. However, I like the intense, face ripping, pummeling, heavy as hell riffs them most! They fill me up with adrenaline while I listened like I was about to jump into a mosh pit. Hit me, please! The worthy solos and the good rhythm section adds to the metallic musical mayhem. For vocals there are deep death vocals and shrieking death screams for the most part. Singing, clean vocals too – not much though. Probably a good thing since the clean vocals distract from the heaviness. I don’t know why, but the clean vocals kind of ruin it for me. The first track, “Hedonist,” sounds like the metal alarm has gone off. Better get into that pit! “The Grand Mistake” is probably my favorite on the four tracks and a little over twenty minutes. One last note, one of the producers of the demo was Kevin Gutierrez of Project: Failing Flesh. Ben McCall was as well. Production is more than fine for a demo. I’m looking forward to more from Adversary!


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins