Aebsence - Unusual (Brainmash Records) - Back
Aebsence are as the album title states, "Unusual". Molding together influences of Rock, Progressive Metal, Folk, and New Age, it's quite obvious nothing has been held back by this Hungarian quartet. The track, "Ultrasound" is a prime example. Formed in 1995, Aebsence have had plenty of time to evaluate and refine what is a fresh new metal sound all their own. There are no scratchy-death screams here, just clean male vocals gracing this extremely traditional-sounding band. Additionally, there is very little fast-paced guitar picking and drum kicks, just straight-up groove melodies. I see no recording flaws here regardless of their self-produced efforts (mainly due to publishers' aversion towards rock music in Hungary), they seem to know what they're doing behind the digital console as well. So if you guys are reading this, keep doing what you're doing!! A professional work of musical art such as this should achieve some well-deserved worldwide recognition...

Rating: 85

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell