Aesma Daeva - Here Lies One Whose Name Was Written In Water (Root of all Evil) - Back
Aesma Daeva is a band that takes aspects of Metal, Darkwave and Classical music to create their own style and genre. This conceptual album "Here Lies One Whose Name Was Written In Water," conveys the feeling of ethereal power and deep emotion. Headed with operatic female vocals, the band uses a unique style of Dark Metal and hypnotic electronics. Root of all Evil Records has licensed this album from Ascension Records in Germany. The band started when Jon Prassas, a classically trained guitarist, chartered production assistance from Nick Copernicus. The bands sound can pull in fans from many genres. The twelve tracks on this disk include two bonus tracks and the two parts of the conceptual album. The classically charged atmosphere last for a total of fifty-nine minutes and includes the well written songs "O Death (Rock Me Asleep)," "Downvain," "Stay," "Disclaim," and the two bonus tracks "Darkness" and "Darkness (Stromkern). Aesma Daeva is a refreshing sound in a time where many metal bands like to use industrialized music. They have used an interesting approach with their influences and they have created something new and simply put, great!

Rating: 86