Aesma Daeva – The Eros of Frigid Beauty (Root of all Evil Records) - Back
Picking up from where they left of on their last album, Aesma Daeva seems to have added a little heavier approach to their music. It takes a mix of many elements to create the Aesma Daeva sound. “The Eros of Frigid Beauty” elements are composed from classical, gothic and metal genres and the band makes this expression dark and inventive. It’s almost a battle of a beautiful angelic voice versus a sinister guitar sound. Their music flows in many different directions but manages to still sound good; it’s hard to dislike any song. Basically, it’s a series of opposites working well together. The only thing negative about this album is that if they used real drums, it would sound more enriched. While listening to it a thought popped into my head that this band might have created a futuristic sound. It seems to be far ahead of its time and might be a new popular dark genre in the future, like how black metal has become popular now. All the tracks on this disk have elements that will interest many people, my favorites are “Devotion,” “In My Holy Time,” the title track “The Eros of Frigid Beauty,” and “Lysander II.” These seven songs and almost fifty-six minutes of music may inspire more bands to experiment in new directions and help keep music fresh.

Rating: 85