Agent Steel Order Of The Illuminati (Scarlet Records) - Back
Agent Steel has released their forth album and entitled it “Order of the Illuminati.” They disbanded in 1988 and reformed in 1998 and wrote their comeback album “Omega Conspiracy,” the album before this one. Now this metal band has had two albums under their new singer, and they work well trading things off. Their thrash and power metal sound has some great riffs to get your head nodding. The refined solos and harmonies will get your fist pumping in the air. Eleven tracks and over fifty-three on “Order of the Illuminati” will make you think that you are in the eighties, it really has that classic thrash sound. Apocalypse (World Without Windows) is a great song, and “Earth Under Lucifer,” “Dead Eyes,” and “Human Bullet” help contribute to this disc. To make this CD a complete metal opus, they also have two instrumentals and one is a bass solo, reminiscent of Metallica’s “Kill ‘em All.” Hopefully Agent Steel will keep the metal running though their vains, and not have another hiatus. The guys represent what metal is all about these days, keep it up!

Rating: 80