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What an interesting combination Aghora brings to the plate. With former members of Cynic including Sean Malone (Bass) and Sean Reinert (Drums), who was also in Death, these guys do an amazing thing to the line-up, but it doesn't stop there. Santiago Dobles is the lead guitarist and he definitely knows what he's doing. There are some really great leads and solos on this CD. Not to mention at the age of 18 he the attended Berklee's School of Music. Charlie Ekendahl started playing classical guitar in Spain, then he formed a death metal band called Mendacity, and now he takes his talents to Aghora. And to top of this band, they have an amazing singer in Danishta Rivero, who has been singing since the age of eight. That is just the basic story about the band. They are so dimensional its hard to point out the actual sound of the band. But if you crossed Cynic, Dream Theater and The Gathering, I think you would get pretty close. Some of my favorite songs on this album include "Immortal Bliss," "Satya," "Frames," and "Existence." Its hard to pick out the better songs, because the whole album is wrote tremendously good. The nine tracks are sure to amaze you throughout the fifty-five minutes of music enchantment. Mystifying atmospheres, enchanting voices, and some astounding musicians fill this CD. To think they are this good after their first release, imagine their next album!!

Rating: 93