Agmen - Damnation (Breath of Night Records) - Back
Agmen is a brutal black metal band hailing from the Czech underground. There are nine tracks on this nearly forty minute CD of lethal proportions. They remind me a little of Amon Amarth with even more of a blackened edge. "Damnation" has a certain sound to it that can get you into their music. It's almost like they use some Viking metal sounds to help entice listeners. The band also plays pretty well together, they seem to know what everyone else is playing. There is a little rawness to their music which I think adds to the bands demonic sound. Sometimes the drums and bass keep the rhythm going while the guitars dance around with dark melodies, and at others the intensity takes you to different level. Every song has a point where I really got into it. Catchy riffs and well constructed songs are the reason. While my favorite track is "Nesmrtelny," there are a few other songs that I liked, including "Apokalpsa" and "Mise Dobra." This was the first time I have heard this band, it was a good surprise.

Rating: 76