Amon Amarth - The Avenger (Metal Blade) - Back
Oh my god!! Could this be true? A candidate for album of the year from a thirty-six minute, 7 song album? It can be very true, and Amon Amarth may have done it with their brand new CD "The Avenger." Using a death and black metal cross they have combined melodic speed with a heavy crunch that makes you want to scream, dance, throw yourself to the ground, and all around have a fit! The sound from two of the summer's big CDs for the year by Hypocrisy "Self-Titled" and In Flames "Colony" is similar to what Amon Amarth did with their CD. All three of these CDs are in the top running for metal album of the year in the metal community, but I'd give it to the Amon Amarth. Every song on this CD is superb in everyway. My three favorite tracks on this CD are "Bleed for Ancient Gods," "North Sea Storm," and "God, His Son and Holy Whore." You may listen to "Bleed for Ancient Gods" on and "God, His Son and Holy Whore" on It's definitely worth your time. You will see why I'm saying so much about this outstanding album. It's enough to soil yourself! "The Avenger" was produced by Amon Amarth with the help of Peter Tagtgren, the main man in the for mentioned Hypocrisy album. Tagtgren engineered and mixed "The Avenger." Tagtgren has much respect in the metal world, and with his help on this album, it may have pushed Amon Amarth's album past his own effort from during the summer. This might be Metal Blade Records finest release of the year, and maybe even the finest ever. Amon Amarth will be touring the Baltic states of Europe to finish up this year with Morbid Angel and label mates God Dethroned. I'm hoping that they will do a tour in the United States early next year so I can witness these metal masters live. If you're into the metal scene at all you would be foolish not to pick this disc up!

Rating: 99