Amorphis - Eclipse (Nuclear Blast Records) - Back
Over the sixteen years that Amorphis has been around they have morphed into different variations, but always seem to bring forth a strong effort, release after release. Their seventh album, “Eclipse,” is no different. This may be their most complete, all around album. Not one track is lacking. The music is layered well and it results in a full and complete sound while still having nice contrast between the heavy and the melodic. A few riffs you will think you are listening to Anathema, Paradise Lost or even Pink Floyd. The whole band contributes to this fresh dynamic sound. Including their new singer Tomi Joutsen (Sinisthra). He has a vocal style that expands the band’s sound with a multiple vocal technique like bands Susperia or Mercenary. Not that Amorphis really sounds like either of those bands, but vocally speaking, the powerful and passionate vocal technique by their new vocalist Joutsen has opened new doorways for the band. He has a range from clean singing vocals to deep death growls. His vocals work great for Amorphis’ vibrant sound. These ten tunes and forty-four minutes plus on “Eclipse” are easily the best album since “Elegy.” There are parts on this CD that will please fans of the older material or new material…a perfect hybrid.


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins