Anaal Nathrakh - Domine Non es Dignus (Season of Mist) - Back
The English-based Anaal Nathrakh are probably one of the most hateful black metal outfits to ever be unleashed onto a music cd! I was immediately awe-stricken with the music, but was a bit sceptical with the mediocrity of the vocals at first. I, of course, got used to it. Along with the aggression taken into musical form, there are also occasional melodies intertwined (such with the tracks "Do Not Speak" and "This Cannot Be The End"). Not to mention, technical as hell. What has been presented here, is the soundtrack of armageddon - as was intended. Anaal Nathrakh hold absolutely nothing back. These guys have found the most heinous, violent, and obscure ways to deliver their musical endeavor. As with their predecessor (The Codex Necro), Domine Non es Dignus follows suit, so fans of their first release will certainly not be disappointed! The only disappointment here is, well... NOTHING!! You simply cannot put this immense hatred to rest no matter what. To those not really into the underground metal genres, beware.... we don't want anyone slitting their throats or anything. This is strictly for fans of brutal music! If you like Behemoth, Morbid Angel, Mayhem, and/or Emperor.... you'll have a better clue! EXTREME BEYOND BELIEF!!!!!

Rating: 95

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell