Anathema – A Natural Disaster (Koch Records) - Back
Another album, another masterpiece! “A Natural Disaster” has continued the progression that Anathema has been doing since their start. I don’t really know how to classify their music, but the best way might be to call them a metal or a hard rock version of Pink Floyd. The atmosphere throughout this album is key to this sound. Each song brings a different approach. For instance, there is a peaceful resonance that starts off the song “Balance.” After a couple minutes into the song, it takes another direction that reminds me of the Deftones. The next track, “Closer,” uses the vocal element that the band Cynic used in their songs. A symphonic echoing voice is used for their vocals. Anathema changes their music back and forth from element to element; you can’t get bored with this disc. “Are You There?” has an epic, serene feeling to it. I found myself listening to this track a bunch of times in-a-row. It just has that sound that makes you hit the repeat button, similar to just about every other track. For those people that like songs that rock out, “Pulled Under At 2000 Metres A Second” will satisfy your hunger. A couple other songs that I couldn’t leave out mentioning are “Flying” and “Electricity.” They are just another couple songs for your ears to enjoy and for your brain to process and be amazed by. “A Natural Disaster” has to be one of the best albums of the year. If you didn’t like this disc the first time you heard it, I think that you need to listen to the album again or get your head examined. Overall, it is really hard to pick my favorite tracks. All songs are first-rate, it just figuring out which one you like the most. There is something for everyone on this CD. You must check it out!

Rating: 96