Angelrust - Promo 2003 (Independent) - Back
OK, here we have a melodic, aggressive death metal band of sorts from Ohio that call themselves Angelrust. This metal quartet comes across the board to me as a band with no definitive direction as of yet, being very early in their careers. I would hinder to say, though, that Angelrust have some great ideas and experiment a lot on this promo disc. There are a lot of catchy riffs and also some very odd turns in their songs. Like- you think there will be a tremendously catchy "bang-your-head" riff following a melodic-power chord riff... but you get an acoustic arpeggio (ex: "Perdition"). There are a lot of off-time solos that still seem to fit the songs nicely, so they are very tight and extremely technical at times! They also utilize the formula for clean and death vox, which in their case/sound actually fits the mold better than most. All of this entangled musicianship is solely based on death/thrash riffs. I will venture the word of "improvement" in small areas, but what they need not improve is their musical expertise and understanding for rich textures. Perhaps once they're signed, they will sound a little more free-flowing - but I dig it....

Rating: 75

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell