Angra - Rebirth (SPV) - Back
Angra is back, possibly better the ever. "Rebirth" is a fitting title since three of the five members left the band. They sound quite a bit like Dream Theater these days, with maybe a touch of a Stratovarius or Blind Guardian sound. The new singer is named Edu Falaschi, he was one of the hottest contenders for the vacant spot in Iron Maiden after Bruce Dickinson left them. This proves that he is a great singer and fits in well with the styles of Angra. There are two songs on this disk that I think are excellent and they are "Nova Era" and "Heros Of Sand." A few others that I thought that were striking include "Acid Rain" and "Unholy Wars, Parts One and Two," and "Running Alone." There were some good parts in other songs as well, but they didn't pull them together as well. The ten tracks last for almost fifty-three minutes of progressive power metal. "Rebirth" was a nice surprise to me, after what happened a few years ago.

Rating: 87