Angtoria - Un-Official Demo 2004 (Independent) - Back
This 3-piece subject was formed by Sarah Jezebel Deva (Cradle of Filth/Therion/Mortiis), Chris Rehn (Abyssos) and brother, Tommy Rehn (Moahni Moahna). Angtoria perform what is "orchestral metal" or in a sense, gothic/doom with power metal elements. I suppose you could also refer to it as "dark" metal, but that is descriptive enough! This 5-song demo is a very professional feed of musicianship alongside quite beautiful vocals. Lush orchestrations can be found, along with aggressive riffing and technical drumming. I never received any artwork with this disc, so I was rather impressed with what I heard when I put it in my CD player. I thought it was going to be some ugly-produced & nonchalant black metal riffing with drowning keyboards or something. What I actually heard was rather exquisite! Although, apparently Angtoria is still incomplete, I find none too many flaws for their lacking musicians. Check out their website to learn more! Just click on the band name at the beginning of this review. This should please fans of Therion, Lacuna Coil and even My Dying Bride!!"

Rating: 83

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell