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These guys remind me of a lot of other bands, yet I cannot place them among any music genres other than maybe death metal. Annulation is a four-piece from Switzerland with some rather simplistic musical endeavors but in the same respect, not quite the expected ones. They considers themselves "Annul" metal. If you could see the jewel case inlay, you would think they would be a viking metal band or something and then you hear old Sepultura-ish music. These guys aren't really tribal like the latter Sepultura. Annulation performs very straightforward and heavy death metal reminiscent of Beneath the Remains and partially Roots-era Sepultura (so I lied, there are "some" tribal aesthetics). I think this is much more of a fresh sound rather than simply sounding like someone else for the wrong reasons. The truth is, old-Sepultura is no longer and these guys are a valid alternative with their own sound. Anyways, the guitars and drums are very tight. As well, there are some daring solos that seem to fit the mold pretty well. Annulation kind of caught me off-guard, but I think we'll be hearing of them much more so in the not-so-distant future.... a new worthy headbanging contender!!!

Rating: 77

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell