Anorexia Nervosa - Redemption Process (Listenable Records) - Back
The French quintet have once again had redemption! Anorexia Nervosa's brand new 2004 opus, Redemption Process, certainly meets every single expectation that fans have longed for. The album consists of 8 songs (digipak-version) with a total running time of just over 50 minutes. Bomblasting through relentless percussions, neo-classical orchestrations, swiftly crafted bass & guitar arrangements, and sickly vocal passages. Anorexia Nervosa have unveiled their finest, most sophisticated output to date! The chaotic-obscurantis order begins with a fueled maelstrom known as "The Shining", then "Antinferno" delves forth a more melodic and epic feel as is shown with their new hit-song "Sister September" (very catchy, but don't worry!)! "Worship Manifesto" and "Codex-Veritas" continue the splurge followed by the final two "original" songs on the album. The last song is a cover version of French-band, Indochines' "Les Tzars". The track I have marvelled the most is "Antinferno", but "Codex-Veritas" is the most like "Ordo ab Chao- the Scarlet Communion" from the last album (which I highly adore also). Hell... the only thing comparable to this release is, I suppose, the last album (New Obscurantis Order). The digipak version comes in glossy-packaging with the regular CD booklet therein. The booklet is very intricately detailed (like that of a Cradle of Filth album) and the artwork is even more impressive. A fine establishment of orchestral dark/black metal genious to say the least. If I were you... well, I'm not you... so, I'll just keep listening to it & I suggest you do the same!!!

Rating: 94

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell