Antaeus - Cut Your Flesh And Worship Satan (Baphomet) - Back
Blast beats, and many of them! After listening to this CD, that is what you will remember by this French five piece band. Antaeus, takes the styles of Enslaved, Mayhem and Marduk, and puts them through a blender, and the mush that is left is "Cut Your Flesh And Worship Satan." But unlike their black metal counterparts, there is a certain tolerance that you can take of Antaeus. After a few songs it started getting boring. The songs sound to similar, that's what the previous bands that I mention differ from these guys. Basically the blast beats after a while give you a headache. The eight tracks on this CD are thirty-four minute wall of unrelentless sound. Don't get me wrong I like raw black metal, but this is like black metal that is raw, without any experimenting. The only songs that I thought were decent were the fifth and sixth tracks. None of these songs were amazing to me, except for the fact that they are unrelentless, and I'm pretty sure that's what these guys wanted. If you want to find out more about this band because you like raw black metal check out their website at

Rating: 61