Anthenora – The General’s Awakening (Independent) - Back
When a CD can bring you back to past years, and still seem like it belongs in the present, you know the music is Good. Anthenora does just that, with their heavy catchy riffs, nice leads and musical structure on their EP, “The General’s Awakening.” There are elements from 80’s heavy metal bands mixed with a modern touch that bridges the gap between the two. Main influences for this Italian quintet include legendary bands such as Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, and Saxon. The guitar riffing and over all sound remind me of Priest and Maiden, but they add something to that to sound thrashy. Guitars work well together. At times, you would think that it’s Iron Maiden trading off riffs. You can pick any track off this disc and find out that they have put together a powerful release. The songs seem complete; there isn’t anything that needs filling in or more content and they are all in the four to five minute range. “Planet Jail” and “Dark Horizon” were more towards my preference, not that the others were bad. Anthenora should be proud of this release, and classic heavy metal fans should find themselves salivating when they put this CD in their stereo.

Rating: 81