Anthrofuge - Impaled In Comparison (Independent) - Back
This is a four-piece brutal death metal assault hailing from the Midwestern state of Illinois. Anthrofuge's 2nd demo is a very good quality recording and sounds similar to Human Waste era-Suffocation. As most of you should be aware.... if Anthrofuge follows suit, their first official full-length on a label will be spectacular! Let me first start, though, by acknowledging what is visibly heard on "Impaled in Comparison". This 2nd demo (within a year) is very tightly woven with a plethora of breaks, tempo and riff changes. Some of the spontaneousness behind the dynamics are very odd, but they always keep you guessing. In the same respect, often the tempo changes run in so close together that you hardly notice unless you listen for them. This could also lose you in the mix of the songs. Could be somewhat boring at times. Anthrofuge are a riff-crazy quartet with alot to offer, but I think they need to throw some solos or something in there to keep the music a little more interesting. They just need a little more bite, ya know? Not too bad for an independent demo, though.... not bad at all. This should get some attention from the big boy labels! If you're into Obituary, Suffo, Internal Bleeding, and such... check these guys out!

Rating: 72

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell