Antiquus - Ramayana (Independent) - Back
Following similar paths in the technical power metal world with many others, British Columbia's Antiquus are presented. There is a somewhat catchy and very technical sound here, but "Ramayana" also has a varied package of epic tales (“Battle of Eylau” and “He Who Makes the Universe Scream!,” both of which are over 10 minutes), melodic medleys (“A Beautiful Stag”), and more aggressive tunes (“Empire Rising” and “The Hunt”) that have similarities to bands like Nevermore and Bruce Dickinson. Even an Into Eternity gasp is evident in places (whence the occasional growl). The vocalist has a strong Dickinson accent, but is a lot more "power metal" (maybe the Blitzman from Overkill would be a better comparison?). The guitars are super technical with lots of solos and complex rhythms & the drumming seems to follow suit with some tricky combos here and there and everywhere. A highly talented group of musicians! Overall, though, this doesn't catch me like Iced Earth or Nevermore does. Antiquus are good, but not great just yet. They need to write more songs like “Sri Lanka,” which to me is their best track! If Antiquus do this, they will be greatly rewarded. These guys are worth some attention from all you power metalheads!

Rating: 76

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell