Apnea - Off The Beaten Path (Independent) - Back
Apnea has wrote an eight songs album entitled "Off The Beaten Path," which is a great way to explain the band's style. The band has an interesting and unique sound. They take parts of death, grind, thrash and speed metal and construct songs that have an unusual flow to them, with a creation of old and new influences. The uniqueness they have created with their songs almost sound like a new style of metal. Every style of metal has a similarity with others, and I can't think of any band or style that is like Apnea except for that is extreme. I have yet to think of what makes their style interesting to listen to, but the complexity and composition is first and foremost. There isn't much else to their songs. I'm not sure if this sound is something that I can have continual interest in, but I do appreciate their writing ability. The most promising attributes of the band is that they are interesting and have their own sound, maybe that will take them far.

Rating: 71