Arch Enemy - Doomsday Machine (Century Media) - Back
Chapter six... “Doomsday Machine!” This menacing indulgence has now sent Arch Enemy into a whole new metal spectrum-- GOOD METAL! (instead of just Death Metal) From the very beginning stages of this album, the guitar ferocity is superb, as is D'Angelo's pulse to go along with Erlandsson's relentless hammering. Oh by the way, not to mention Angela's guttural growls and highly shrieks making this album complete. To be perfectly honest, though, it's not like Arch Enemy hasn't always been this modest in power. What about their predecessor, “Anthems of Rebellion?” Or perhaps we all failed to remember Carcass? Regardless, “Doomsday Machine” is indeed in caliber with both. This one does seem to hammer the shit out of you with almost every riff & beat. There is even a little more synth included to make a little more of a surge in power to particular parts that may have otherwise been just awesome (now, they're amazing). "Nemesis" is completely speed-driven in rhythmic technicality and prosperous aggression. "I Am Legend....", on the other hand, has more of that Carcass feel that most of us can never get enough of. Although, both of these notable tracks are my favorites...I quite enjoy some of the more melodic parts on the other tracks too. This album is the most complete one so far for Arch Enemy. Many thumbs, fingers, drinking glasses and horns up, people!

Rating: 93

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell