Arch Enemy - Burning Bridges (Century Media Records) - Back
Alright fucks that dis this album because it lacks the heavyness of Stigmata yes it does but that doesn't make it a phenomenal release anyway. Too many people after they heard Burning Bridges gave it a lot of negative overtones and complaints like the production isn't thick enough, the leads are half-assed, some guitar parts are just "gay". Fuck that because there are some riffs on this one especially the chorus of the song "Pilgrim" makes my armhair standup with just a nudge of that.

I agree that there will be no more Stigmata-like releases because that one is almost impossible for them to ever topulate. But they didn't give up like ATG did after Slaughter Of The Soul. Sit down, Arch Enemy has tons of new material on Burning Bridges I think you'll learn to respect over time.

A lot of the lyrics and sounds from it reveal dark depressions some of us humans go through and go through every days. To connect with that type of melancholy is great when you're really in that type of mood or maybe not? Nevertheless, Burning Bridges offers variety in songwriting style no blast beating but just great overall Melodic Death all the way through.

Johan puts for I think his best vocal effort ever for AE making it that much easier to get into plus it fits the music much better than say on the original AE release "Black Earth". This release isn't that tracklengthy but cherish every track because it will not let you down in mediocrity come on this is AE we are speaking of these giants within their own genre! OWN it, agora!


Reviewed By: Death8699 -