Arch Enemy - Black Earth (Wrong Again Records/Regain Records) - Back
Debut CD featuring the Amotts (Christopher & Michael) and let me tell you there are some classic tracks on this release.

No intro just the slam of a snare beat then enter the Amotts! In my opinion, this isn't their greatest effort but it's one hell of a debut release though. I'd have to say my favorite tracks on here are plentiful primarily because it's Melodic Death Metal which is my personal favorite genre of Metal.

Johan's vocals are somewhat boring because there really isn't much of a change throughout the CD vocal-wise. The same is true with their "Stigmata" release. I'd say dropping Johan and getting Angela Gassow on lead vocals was a wise move for Arch Enemy.

There are some great lead guitar work by Christopher Amott just listen to the outro solo on "Fields Of Desolation" and you'll hear what I'm talking about. Christopher's leads are way more technical than his brother Michaels. Michael has more emotion involved in his lead work though plus exclusive use of the Wah-Pedal. Michael was more technical when he was playing for Carcass (Heartwork).

On the import CD of this release there are some bonus Iron Maiden cover songs. Strange to hear them in B-tuning! Tracks to check out are "Bury Me An Angel", "Eureka" and "Fields Of Desolation". If you're a big fan of Melodic Death Metal then you should check this CD out! Good production as well!!!


Reviewed By: Death8699 -