Archetype - Dawning (Independent) - Back
The band Archetype was found in Cleveland, Ohio back in 1997. Chris was joined by Jamie and Keith to create a three piece instrumental band. At the helm sits Chris Matyus who has a degree in Classical Guitar Performance, and his ability to play is shown throughout this disk. A little while later Greg was found to sing for the band. The main style that Archetype uses sounds similar to Iced Earth with a few notes reminiscent of Iron Maiden and Stratovarius. "Dawning" is the first full-length with a vocal track by the band, and it was written pretty well. The majority of the songs are solid, and "Hands of Time," "Inside Your Dreams," and "Arisen" are my favorite songs. I was very impressed with the construction of the tracks. They didn't seem to leave much out of the songs. Over sixty-six minutes of music is spread over ten skillfully thought out tracks. Good job guys!

Rating: 85