Ares Kingdom - Return To Dust (NWN! Productions & Tranquility Base Publishing) - Back
Ares Kingdom was born in Kansas City back in 1996. Their latest release “Return To Dust” is mostly strait-forward classic death metal. Thrashy elements are also a part of what makes up the band. Depending on the songs the vibe can be similar to Florida death metal like Obituary or Six Feet Under or to the Swedish sounds of Unleashed and Entombed. Surprisingly to me there are traits that remind me of a little know early 90’s death metal band named Gutted. The cool heavy thrash/death riffs typically. Even a few of the rhythms have a little bit of a black metal feel. Solos are pretty standard for the genre, and still squeal quite well. Really the whole disc is kind of your run of the mill death band with thrash influences; nothing to complex or inventive. Growling death vocals are the main style used, once again they are ordinary. Ares Kingdom doesn’t really do anything sub par, but not to far above the norm either. I think they need something to set them apart from the many other death bands, otherwise they may get lost amongst the others. More tracks like “A Dream of Armageddon,” “Lamentations,” or “Ironclad” maybe with a few more hooks could be what they need. At any rate, if you like solid death metal take a gander into the Ares Kingdom!


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins