Arise From Thorns - Before An Audience Of Stars (Dark Symphonies) - Back
Arise From Thorns will take you on a rock influenced, folk metal ride with their latest release entitled, "Before An Audience Of Stars." Similar to newer Gathering, this band takes acoustic guitars, very atmospheric sounds, and female vocals to a level of well played confidence. There really isn't much distorted guitar sounds, so this album doesn't have much of a metal sound. Their songs are generally pleasing to listen to, a calming experience. "Dreaming" and "Bluer Skies" are my favorite songs on "Before An Audience Of Stars." "Time Alone," "Lure," "Surrender," and "Persia" are also good tracks on this CD. Arise From Thorns seems to be following bands like The Gathering with their style of music, which is definitely a cool sound, but they are not to metal. The band definitely has the talent to play, and if you're a fan of folk metal, or rock influenced metal, this might be something worth checking into. If you look for any of their releases in the future you need to check under the name Brave, since they have recently changed their name.

Rating: 78