Armagedda - The Final War Approaching (Breath of Night Records) - Back
Sweden is the home of the band Armagedda, whose original idea was to create some spiritual disease through music that would infect and destroy human minds. Following in the vain of black metal legends Darkthrone, they have created a dark, furious, raw tone that translates the old school black metal sound, maybe even more so then the previous mentioned. This is a weak point in their music, its almost to the point of sloppy, uncohesive playing. I know the band is young, but there is a need for a more tight sound. Also the production quality is of the genre, but with the combination of the inexperience makes the record seem less interesting. "Undergang" is the only song that stood out for me, and also seems like the most organized song. If Armagedda writes their next album more like that track, they might be able to grab some peoples attention. I'm going to wait on my opinion of this band for now. I think they will improve on their next album, they do have the band going on the correct direction.

Rating: 58