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Armory is a unique 6-piece Metal band who on this re-recording consists of Adam Kurland on vocals, Joe Kurland on guitars plus session drums, Chad Fisher on guitars, Thomas Preziosi on bass, Peter Rutcho on keyboards and Tom Vieira on live drums. This act whose demo was out in 2004 seemed to lack in some departments 1 of which according to the band was promoting their release. They now in 2008 are working on sending this professional re-recording to various Metal web sites and are doing numerous interviews. The re-recording features 10 original songs plus 2 bonus tracks 1 of which is a cover of Iron Maiden's "Flight Of Icarus".

The band was first formed by Chad and Joe in 2001. They have been trying to perfect their original songs ever since. Finally, they were able to do so in this recording which was released at the end of last year (2007). Their sound which is a combination of Progressive Metal, Thrash Metal and Power Metal is pretty original in my opinion. They fall into this unique genre considered to be Melodic Power Metal.

I think this band's sound and lyrical content are very promising plus Melodic Power Metal is 1 genre I haven't heard much of. Some of the only acts I've heard which reflect this genre are Helloween and Savatage. The lyrics are also unique because they're more philosophical in nature and were written by their vocalist plus the eldest Kurland brother Jason. I'd say that it took much time to form this sound. I also believe it took much thought to write these lyrics because they're not just about death and dying which are subjects that many Metal acts tend to focus on.

"Forever Triumphant", "Warrior Forlorn" and the title track are my favorite songs though I like pretty much all of them. If you want to hear some awesome Metal be sure to visit their web site and pick up this release!


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