Arnhem Trolley - Metaal (Trolleypop) - Back
“Arnhem Trolley – Metaal” is a four-band compilation from the city of Arnhem in The Netherlands. All bands play a different form of metal, and can hold their own for each style. First, Non-Divine plays hard rock/groove metal; at times sound like Alice in Chains to COC. Mortal Form is in the Death/thrash vain and stays aggressive throughout their portion of this disc. They are comparable to Dying Fetus with a little Slayer. Morgana-X is progressive metal that is experimental and uses power, variety and dynamics. The vocals create a unique atmosphere and it gives this band a different and beneficial approach. Lastly, self described as battle metal, Thronar play a mix of black metal, dark and doom. Their goal was to create music that takes you the world of fantasy that includes elves, dragons, dwarfs, etc. They did well in accomplishing this, but the production at times could use a little tweaking. There is at least one good track for each band, and the majority of this is at least decent. Every band complements each other well in respect to their own music styles. If you were to go to Arnhem, you would get a good metal show if all these bands played, and a good variety as well.

Rating: 74