Arthurkill - Addiction (On Top Records) - Back
A new quintet with a fresh new sound, Arthurkill, are more or less a Heavy Rock band. Hailing from NYC, their new disc presents a lot of various styles that seem to join into something undeniably satisfying. Anything from Alice In Chains to the Black Crowes to even Kiss are apparent when listening to this, yet there is something vaguely unique about Arthurkill. Rock n roll lives on, but with a much more energetic and progressive feeling through these guys. 10 tracks and about 40 minutes of free-flowing Alternative-of-sorts metal/rock. "Closer to Free" has an almost Rage Against the Machine sound mixed together with Dave Matthews, but still with a metal-vibe. "Yellow Brick Road" starts a little like STP and eventually AC/DC may come to mind (in the music, anyways). The vocals are clean, of course, which almost remind me of the Damn Yankees. Arthurkill have a radio-friendly sound, which in-turn means that they will be very listenable for a lot of different audiences. There is plenty to hear on "Addiction"! My favorite track is "Honestly", which has a very nice melody and flow about it similar to Journey. These guys will make big waves shortly, I believe!

Rating: 80

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell