Aryos - Maitre Des Dominations Cérébrales (D.U.K.E./Exh Goetie) - Back
Raw black metal in the vein of numerous others, but orchestrated! Aryos, hailing from France, might as well hail from the dark woods of northern Norway. There are some post-modern effects with some creepy sampling and ambient moments. They also have some melody with their different shade of keyboard effect and also slow down a bit from time to time. It sounds like Beherit (Oath of Black Blood), but even MORE raw. I don't know what it is with black metal (either too raw or too over-rated for the style), but it seems everyone tries to sound like someone else. I know Aryos do not have those intensions, but you guys should polish your sound a little so that everyone can understand the uniqueness or even the familiarity of the music. Maitre des Dominations Cérébrales has a lot more to show than what has been elaborated in the mixing room. No polishing is required; just a little more of an aggressiveness or drive could help. For fans of unique & occult black metal like Antaeus, Blut Aus Nord or Lunar Onlooker.

Rating: 59

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell