Asgaut - Village (Irrelevant Noise) - Back
This band can be described as a Doom metal band I would imagine with a lot of early-Opeth influence! Asgaut is a very young and talented five-piece from Israel. I'm guessing, because there is still very little known about these guys. The average age of the band is 20 (or was 20 as of the release of this album) and surprisingly good. There are some great acoustic breaks that you'd swear you were listening to Orchid or Morningrise (Opeth), but the production at times doesn't help with the distorted parts. The heavy, crunching guitars are very satisfying to hear but are left asunder to the mediocre clean vocals and the grunting ones. The bass and drumwork are a little over-compromised at times, but otherwise pretty good. Better production, though... and they're genuine! Maybe a bit more experience in live settings will help improve the band as well. Other than some minor flaws, it appears that Asgaut will be a promising band to watch. "Village" is at times, awkward, but at times also refreshing and should be a very worthy endeavor....


Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell