Asguard - Wikka (This Dark Reign Recordings/Devil Doll Records) - Back
Another pleasant surprise from the metal scene of Russia….Asguard are a heavy metal band, basically, only separated from others by their death metal vocals. "Wikka" is a technicality in itself throughout! With tracks like "The Black Wandering (visions 1 and 2)", "The Vision of Dream" and "Master of Everything", bands like Iron Maiden & W.A.S.P. come to mind with their style of play. Obviously, a very catchy and technical disc from start to finish. Alongside the very talented craftsmanship, smaller elements such as acoustic guitar and keyboards are kind of added incentives, which give the album some depth and maturity. This is, after all, their 2nd album. Occasionally, there are riffs that sound like something Jesper and Björn of In Flames would compose. There is actually a riff in "Master of Everything" that sounds exactly like "Episode 666". Aside from that, things are looking and sounding very strong from these newcomers. Technical death metal with a British heavy metal-influence! Remember the name of Asguard...

Rating: 86

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell