Asguard - Dreamslave (This Dark Reign Recordings/Devil Doll Records) - Back
Belarusian metalers Asguard are back once again with another impressive effort, “Dreamslave.” This is an album that takes all the quality parts from the previous record and tweaks them to create even a stronger record. All key black metal elements are spread throughout the disc. I’d say, somewhere between Dimmu Borgir, Emperor, Kovenant but when they were Covenant with the letter C, In Flames, and maybe hints of Opeth. Lots of good heavy and melodic notes! Asguard even uses elements from NWOBHM and classic death metal. You can tell they know how to create a dynamic album. I like the guitar work; their technical ability continues to improve…not that it was bad previously. The ferocious raspy vocals work well for Asguard’s brand of extreme metal. The first two tracks are like a double intro, which brings up my only negative point. If there is any complaint at all it would be that a few tracks seem a little short. Of the sixteen well-placed tracks, only eight even reach three minutes. However, many of the short tracks are intros, interludes, or outros. A small amount of which are more sound effects than anything else. I would like to hear more regular songs than the short tracks; they may have overused those elements. No use to dwell on it, I mean this is a great disk! These sixteen tracks are separated into four acts. Each act has three to five songs, which might help explain the arrangement. Metal Horns Up!!

Rating: 89