Ashes To Ashes - Shapes Of Spirits (Independent) - Back
Back in 1992, the band Ashes To Ashes was formed. In 1998 the band planned to get their self financed debut album together, it was called "Shapes Of Spirits." Now to describe the band, its hard to figure out exactly what they sound like. It's anywhere from new Sentenced to At The Gates, and Old Tiamat crossed with Amorphis. It's a cross between many different sounds, some relaxing a pleasing, and some more aggressive. When you listen to this CD some parts make you relax and some make you sit more to the edge of your seat. There are 3 instrumentals on this CD and one of them I enjoyed quite a bit. "Divide & Conquer" is a great song. My favorite track on this CD was "Castle In The Air," and "The Mourning" wasn't to far behind. This CD has 8 tracks on it with nearly 52 minutes of music that would keep you interested the whole time. Ashes To Ashes are writing new songs right now, and they say they will be heavier. The direction of this band make get very interesting in the near future, I can't wait to see what these guys will write this time around.

Rating: 78