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Atomkraft once dwelled among the British Thrash seen back in the 1980's. "Atomized" was Tony Dolans' most technical demo-release before later joining forces with Venom! Atomkraft have a slightly different approach than Venom, however, still running parallel. They played much in the vein of thrash metal with some obvious elements (Anvil, Metal Church, etc...). This band had a very technical & aggressive approach, but also had some very crafty melodies with a slightly more "power"-style vocal range. This is, in essence, the second album that was never actually finished. I would have liked to hear what they might've sounded like nowadays, but one can never tell with the direction of bands anymore. Anyhow, this is pretty much the epitome of thrash in every sense of the word. If you can find their material, it is definitely worth the effort! I would suggest checking out Dolans' website ( for that purpose...

Rating: 75

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell