Autumn Tears - Sampler Compilation (Dark Symphonies) - Back
These neoclassical music masters have been creating music since 1995, and this compilation of their music acts just like a best of CD. This music might not be metal but it has the same atmospheres at feeling as some the premier black, doom and dark metal bands. Autumn Tears have written four albums, and their music has interested listeners from goth, death and black metal. The fourteen tracks that were selected on this compilation are definitely a good example of their music. The one hour and eight minutes length of this CD goes buy very quickly when listening to this music. When you get into Autumn Tears you just get lost in their music and transport to a mystical foreign land. Some of my favorite songs on this CD include "The Grand Celebration," "A Dreaming Kiss," "The Intermission," "This My Melancholic Masquerade," and "Black Heaven." And the good songs aren't limited to just those, the previous listed songs are just my favorites. Anyone into the darker site of metal may really enjoy these songs; always be willing to track something new.

Rating: 90